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SynopticLabs APIs Guides

API Accounts & Keys

When you create an account with the SynopticLabs APIs, you are issued a key which is what you use to identify your account when interfacing with the API. API keys are short alpha-numeric strings of 25-35 characters. Here is an example key:


The only API resource which accepts API keys is the /auth service, which is located on Mesonet API here:

The Mesonet API /auth resource generates, lists, and disables tokens, based on the arguments you provide. For example, this API request will generate a new token for you to use to make data and metadata requests.{your Private API key}

Protect your key

It is important that you not let anyone not affiliated with your SynopticLabs API account have access to your API key. With a key you have the ability to generate tokens, which are then used to authenticate API queries.

Our recommendation is to keep all interactions with the /auth API resource on servers you control, and do not distribute your API key to applications you are developing (even in an encrypted format). Tokens, however may be distributed freely, because you have the ability to programatically disable any token you generated, at any time.

Accessing your account

For online access, we rely on email communication to allow you to view and adjust your account settings. Currently (late 2015) there are no functional settings associated with API keys that can be modified by a user. However, we have released a page for you to view your account information, and any relevant settings therein.

Visit and enter the email address you used to create your API account. As long as you still have access to that email, a link will be sent to you, granting access to the Account services.

If you have lost access to the email used to create your account, please contact us.